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We believe that every home tells a story. That's why we specialize in renovating and decorating existing homes, as well as crafting new residences from the ground up, and incorporating extensive landscape designs.

Kelly Weldon Design —
Where Dreams Take Shape, and Spaces Tell Stories

In the heart of the bustling Upper West Side of Manhattan, where historic architecture meets the modern pulse of the city, Kelly Weldon Design stands as a beacon of transformative design and unparalleled creativity. At the helm of this design empire is Kelly Weldon, not merely an interior designer, but a visionary artist, a masterful communicator, and a passionate advocate for the seamless fusion of beauty and functionality in every space she touches.

A Lifelong Passion

Kelly's journey in the world of interior design transcends the realms of profession; it's a lifelong passion that has evolved into a vocation. Since her early days, she found herself captivated by the subtle interplay of colors, textures, and spaces. The idea that a room's ambiance could change with a flick of a switch or the choice of a fabric intrigued her immensely. This fascination soon transformed into a profound commitment — a commitment to turn spaces into living artworks that not only tell stories but evoke emotions and provide solace.

Kelly Weldon interior designer profile photo
Kelly Weldon Interior Design Central Park West entryway

From Project: Central Park West

Mastering the Art of Interior Design

Armed with an exceptional eye for detail and an intuitive understanding of spatial dynamics, Kelly embarked on a relentless quest to master the art of interior design. She delved deep into the intricacies of architectural nuances, immersing herself in the heritage of iconic buildings and exploring the psychology of space. Kelly's design acumen goes beyond the superficial act of choosing colors and furniture; it delves into the very essence of a space and its inhabitants. Each project she undertakes becomes a canvas, an opportunity to weave together the threads of history, modernity, and individuality into a tapestry of design excellence.

Exceptional Communication Skills

What truly sets Kelly apart are her exceptional communication skills. At the core of design lies the ability to translate abstract ideas and emotions into tangible, aesthetic elements. Kelly possesses the rare gift of not just hearing with her ears but listening with her heart. She engages with her clients on a profound level, delving into not just their explicit design preferences but also the subtle nuances of their aspirations and desires. Through meaningful conversations and active listening, she translates these abstract concepts into concrete design plans, ensuring that every element resonates with the client's unique vision.

Kelly's communication skills extend far beyond client interactions. Within her team, she fosters a collaborative environment, encouraging the free flow of ideas and creativity. Her ability to articulate complex design concepts in a manner that inspires and motivates her colleagues is a testament to her leadership prowess.

The Business Acumen of a Trailblazer

In addition to her artistic talents, Kelly possesses the astute business acumen of a seasoned entrepreneur. She understands that exceptional design is not merely about aesthetics; it's about meticulous planning, efficient execution, and prudent financial management. Under her guidance, Kelly Weldon Design has not only flourished creatively but has also set new standards of professionalism and client satisfaction.

Kelly approaches every project holistically, viewing them as unique puzzles waiting to be solved. Budgetary constraints, timelines, and logistical challenges are not hurdles but rather opportunities for innovative solutions. Her strategic thinking ensures that every client receives not just a beautiful space but also a seamless and stress-free experience from concept to completion.

A Global Vision, a Universal Appeal

What truly sets Kelly apart is her ability to infuse her designs with a global perspective while maintaining a local sensibility. Having worked with clients from diverse cultures and backgrounds, she has developed a keen understanding of varied design aesthetics. Whether it's the chic modernity of a New York penthouse, the timeless elegance of a European villa, or the rustic charm of a countryside estate, Kelly seamlessly incorporates cultural nuances into her designs, creating spaces that are universally appealing yet deeply personal.


In the world of interior design, where creativity marries practicality and visions are translated into tangible realities, Kelly Weldon stands as a guiding light. Her journey from passion to profession, from fascination to mastery, is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the art and science of design.

As the principal of Kelly Weldon Design, Kelly continues to redefine the boundaries of elegance and functionality. She doesn't just design spaces; she crafts experiences. Every room she touches becomes a testament to her artistry, her communication skills, and her business acumen. It becomes a haven of beauty and a sanctuary of comfort, reflecting the unique personality of its inhabitants.

For Kelly, each project is not just an opportunity to design a space; it's a chance to make dreams come true, to inspire, and to create a legacy of timeless elegance. Join her on this extraordinary journey of crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary and elevate the soul. With Kelly Weldon Design, your space is not just a place; it's a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled, a symphony of design waiting to be composed. Welcome to the world where visions come to life, welcome to the realm of Kelly Weldon Design.

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