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Whether you need guidance on a specific aspect or someone to bridge the communication gap with contractors, Kelly is poised to simplify your project journey.

A homeowner may feel they are being put in a role that requires a qualified professional or at least professional advice, such as when there is no architect on a project.

Or a project may involve or run up against special board or building department requirements, such as when dealing with a landmark building. And other times, an owner may simply feel more comfortable if someone else could deal with a specific contractor.

In such cases, a homeowner may need a consultant to address a specific aspect of a project, rather than a liaison acting on their behalf for the entire project.

Kelly Weldon can be your consultant when you need advice on design, architecture, construction, landmarks, or nearly any other area you’re likely to encounter. And she is happy to step in and deal with contractors directly if that would make things easier for you and your project.

Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer?

KWD offers interior design services along with architectural design, construction and installation, project management, project liaising, consulting, landscape design, and floral design.

See Capabilities for more details.

What is your availability for new projects?

Although we can handle multiple projects at a time, KWD works on no more than four or five full-service interior design projects per year. The first thing is to schedule the initial consultation. In most cases, Kelly prefers to conduct these in person and in the space you would like decorated or renovated. KWD is an Upper West Side interior design firm, but Kelly can travel within a reasonable distance.

How much do your services cost?

KWD bills in two ways: hourly or by the project.

Your location and the size, duration, and type of project all must be taken into consideration along with the personnel and materials which will be required.

Potential clients should first contact Kelly directly to schedule an initial consultation, which is $295.00 for one hour. If Kelly is hired, that consolation fee will be credited back to you.

How can I get started on a project?

Potential clients should first contact Kelly directly to schedule an initial consultation, which is $295.00 for one hour. If you choose to hire KWD, that money will be credited back to you, whether you are needing full-service interior design or assistance in selecting the perfect bedroom furniture.

After the consultation and the scope of the work have been defined, Kelly will write up a contract, including the estimated time frame and the costs involved.

Do you offer bundled services?

Of course. As every project is unique, Kelly will tailor her services to the needs of you and your project.

KWD is a full-service interior design firm, so your project can be shepherded from conceptual design to construction to furnishing and decorating. Please see Capabilities for more details.

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