Deck the Halls: A Festive Decorating Guide by Kelly Weldon Design

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December 1, 2023
Deck the Halls: A Festive Decorating Guide by Kelly Weldon Design

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by transforming your home into a winter wonderland? Whether your abode is perched on Billionaires Row in Manhattan or nestled in a quaint Westchester neighborhood, the experts at Kelly Weldon Design, a distinguished interior Design Firm, are here to guide you through creating a holiday ambiance that resonates with your unique style.

Step 1: Set the Foundation with Garland Swags

Start your holiday transformation by adorning your spaces with lush garland swags. Whether you're in a Modern Apartment or a grand Penthouses in New York City, garlands bring a touch of nature indoors. Drape them along banisters, mantels, or doorways for an elegant and festive look.

Step 2: Poinsettias: A Timeless Holiday Classic

Infuse your home with the classic beauty of poinsettias. Whether you're in an Upper West Side Apartment or a chic Loft in Soho, these vibrant red blooms add a pop of color and a festive flair to any space. Place them in decorative pots or incorporate them into wreaths for a stunning effect.

Step 3: Adorn Doors and Walls with Wreaths

Wreaths are a symbol of warmth and welcome. Hang them on your doors, above your mantel, or as a centerpiece on interior walls. Whether you're in a Landmark apartment or a Historic Home, wreaths create a festive focal point that sets the tone for the season.

Step 4: Illuminate with Candles

Candles add a warm, flickering glow that enhances the festive atmosphere. Place them strategically in your home, whether you're in a NYC Soho Loft or a Suburban Home. Consider scented candles for an extra layer of holiday magic.

Step 5: Celestial Elegance with Stars and Angels

Celestial decor adds a touch of elegance to your holiday theme. Hang delicate stars or angels from ceilings or place them on tabletops. Whether you're in a landmark building on Central Park West in Manhattan or in the Hamptons in Long Island, these celestial accents add a whimsical touch.

Step 6: Embrace Nature with Pinecones and Eucalyptus

Pinecones and eucalyptus are versatile and natural elements that seamlessly blend with any decor. Scatter pinecones on tabletops, incorporate them into wreaths, or even create charming centerpieces. Eucalyptus adds a fresh, aromatic touch to garlands and arrangements.

Step 7: Mix it Up with Pine Tree Branches

For a truly festive ambiance, mix pine tree branches into your decor. Whether you're in an Upper West Side Apartment or a Home Design Beach House, the scent of fresh pine will evoke the essence of a winter forest.

Step 8: Orchids: An Unexpected Elegance

Introduce unexpected elegance with orchids. Placed in decorative pots or incorporated into holiday arrangements, orchids add a touch of luxury to your holiday decor. Perfect for any home whether it be in a floor-to-ceiling windowed apartment on Billionaires Row in Manhattan or a chic Loft in Soho.

Step 9: Tie it Together with Bows

Bows are the perfect finishing touch to your holiday decor. Whether you're in your Country Home or an Upper East Side apartment in Manhattan, tie bows on garlands, wreaths, or even dining chairs. Opt for classic red or green velvet bows for a timeless look, or experiment with metallics for a modern twist.

With these festive elements and the guidance of Kelly Weldon Design, your home will be transformed into a holiday masterpiece. Whether you prefer a classic, traditional look or a modern and chic aesthetic, let the spirit of the season shine in every corner of your abode. Happy decorating!

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